Talent Representation

Talent Representation

We offer a top-tier talent representation service, which provides a comprehensive 360 approach to client management. At Reid Talent Group we provide a platform for our clients to succeed at the very highest level with a tailor-made plan designed to enhanced their careers. 

Our clients operate in fast paced environments, where every move is important as the next, meaning our expert led advice is critical for on-going success. Our team understands talent and how to nurture relationships which transcend the normal agency-client engagement.

Reid Talent Group represents clients in the Sport and Entertainment sectors – Both established and next generation.

Brand Partnerships

Reid Talent Group provide a collaborative service working with companies ranging from large corporations to niche start-ups. In today’s crowded marketplace it can be hard for businesses to gain a foothold and stand out from the crowd. Our team take the time to understand your requirements and work alongside you to deliver on your campaign targets. As an agency we don’t just care about what you do, but why you do it.

Services included:

  • Brand Activation
  • Content creation
  • Social media strategy
  • Influencer marketing
  • Print coverage
brand partnership
event management

Event management

The right calibre of event can really deliver the level of engagement a client is seeking. When used correctly it can be a launchpad for new products, services or brands as a whole.

At RTG we utilise our well sourced and qualified suppliers to execute first in class corporate events which align with our client’s requirements. A great event can provide a professional sleek image which instils confidence and provide a platform for success.

PR Services

Reid Talent Group works alongside our partner companies offering a unique and innovative public relation service to individuals and brands in their respective industry. Our qualified team have experience securing deals for major global stars over the last decade.

We are aware that the modern-day star lives in the glare of the media more than ever before, making a professional, comprehensive and strategic media management service increasingly important.

The PR service exists to protect and build the reputation of our clients to maximise their image potential, leaving them free to concentrate on their chosen field.

pr services

Contract negotiation

How do you get the best rate for a new contract or a contract extension? Receiving the right contract is very important as it cannot only change your current situation but can have a positive effect on your future endeavours Our skilled negotiation strategies are geared towards securing you the very best and most up to date contract to match your present value in the sport and entertainment industry.

We have represented international talent from all over the globe and with our trusted contacts have helped them advanced their career to the next stage.